7 Aug 2013

Why to participate in COFFI Shorts- 2nd Online Viewer’s Choice Contest for Short Films & Documentaries ?

**Participating films will be popularized and showcased to senior film industry directors, producers and 30,000 + strong film & media community.
**You may be considered for future projects of Six Sigma Films & its Associates in India & UK;
**You will get an free eBook ‘How to Create a Successful Short Film?'
**50 % discount on the submission fee at leading U.K film festival.
**You will get Certificate of Participation & Much more at http://www.sixsigmafilms.com/viewer2.htm  

*** Do you know that four winner films (combined) in the 1st Edition of this contest had 75,000 + views. Check the popularity of the Shortlisted films in 1st Edition of the Contest at - http://bit.ly/13SdPWA

For entry form mail sixsigmashortfilms@gmail.com