31 Aug 2013

Celebrating the success of Short Film “Birthday”

Being committed to support budding and talented filmmakers, we are pleased to announce that “Birthday”-Short Film from our library has recently crossed 1 lakh views on our YouTube Channel. Birthday is a short film on gay relationship, directed by Suresh Shelar. Lead role is played by Sunil Akathara. This film was also screened in 8th Asian Film Festival, Mumbai Third Eye and Kashish Queer Film Festival 2010. You can watch the movie at - http://youtu.be/bOqsN6l6iAA

Mr Anurag Khanna, CMD, Six Sigma Films felicitated Mr Suresh Shelar & Sunil Akathara. Mr Shelar was also handed over a cheque from Six Sigma Films against the revenue generated for film, “Birthday” through their YouTube Channel.

Comments of the Director of Birthday
"The success of my film "Birthday" is very heartening for me and all the people associated with it. Participating in COFFI Shorts Contest of Six Sigma Films has proved to be a turning point in my films success. Because of Six Sigma Film's wide reach in film industry and reach of their YouTube channel, people not only from India but from various other countries have been able see to the film, appreciated my work and gave their feedback. Overwhelmed with the success of “Birthday” I have decided to share the distribution rights for my 2nd film with Six Sigma Films. I have already received my first cheque from Six Sigma Films & I am planning to give my first ever income earned from short film to the charity.  

Six Sigma Films being a film production house understands the films & filmmakers and are ready to support my future film projects also. I am thankful to Mr Anurag Khanna, CMD, Six Sigma Films to have given me an opportunity to join the exclusive "Young Filmmakers Cell" which mentors, guides & help talented young filmmakers. I am very happy and will recommend other filmmakers who have dreams to make big in film industry to get associated with Six Sigma Films/COFFI Shorts". 

Comments of the Lead Actor Of Birthday
"I personally want to thank Six Sigma Films for showcasing our film through there prestigious medium, thank you so much. I also want to thank Suresh Shelar, Director of my film who worked hard to bring the best." 

NOTE- Six Sigma Films, a Production House manages the fastest growing short film YouTube Channel in India and has a wide reach in various networks to promote and distribute films. We have a rich library of high quality short films and documentaries from nearly 100 filmmakers from India, UK, USA & other countries. We deliver entertaining & inspirational Short Films & Documentaries under the genres of Adventure, Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Educational, Experimental, Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Suspense, Science Fiction, Social & Animation. You can subscribe & watch at our YouTube Channel - http://bit.ly/16h802m

Major online contest for short films & docs by COFFI SHORTS

14 Aug 2013

Independence Day Special - Short Films

We present you a special compilation of short films & documentaries that touches upon need for independence  from ignorance, moral hypocrisy, poverty, illiteracy, physical & mental disabilities, sexual discrimination etc.

View, Learn, Enjoy & Share. View the Films at - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoIbxxoLFnC6Dvy_j18R9zeYLyNfyKtmA

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12 Aug 2013

Short Films Market - A Boom Ahead

Short films have come a long way since the days of the Lumières’ Train, one of the first short films made in 1895, which was about the length of 50 seconds. Short Films have created an immense market across the world through Film Festivals, Short Film contests, public screenings, social media platforms & video uploading sites like YouTube etc.

It is a great  opportunity for budding filmmakers to participate in Online Contest for Short Films & Documentaries , organized by Six Sigma Films, a Film Production House. Participating films will be popularized and showcased to senior film industry directors, producers and nearly 2,50,000 strong network including 80,000 + Social media network. Selected films will be promoted and marketed in International Film Festivals. 

For entry form mail sixsigmashortfilms@gmail.com .
More details at - http://www.sixsigmafilms.com/viewer2.htm 

11 Aug 2013

Audition videos from aspiring actors across India

We invite you to view randomly selected audition videos/tapes from aspiring actors across India. These Auditions are minus props and supporting characters. No professional camera, crew or editing have been used in these videos.

Most of the actors in these videos do not have any prior acting experience and exhibit rawness with enthusiasm towards acting. Enjoy the auditions at - http://bit.ly/18rvLc8

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9 Aug 2013

Must watch Film on Indian Education System & Right to Education

This inspiring social awareness short film from India sensitively portrays how a few people's resolve can make things happen at the grassroot level and make the 'Right to Education' act a reality for poor children. Therefore I Win, brings into sharp focus the social agents of change and sets an example for child education across the globe.

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7 Aug 2013

Why to participate in COFFI Shorts- 2nd Online Viewer’s Choice Contest for Short Films & Documentaries ?

**Participating films will be popularized and showcased to senior film industry directors, producers and 30,000 + strong film & media community.
**You may be considered for future projects of Six Sigma Films & its Associates in India & UK;
**You will get an free eBook ‘How to Create a Successful Short Film?'
**50 % discount on the submission fee at leading U.K film festival.
**You will get Certificate of Participation & Much more at http://www.sixsigmafilms.com/viewer2.htm  

*** Do you know that four winner films (combined) in the 1st Edition of this contest had 75,000 + views. Check the popularity of the Shortlisted films in 1st Edition of the Contest at - http://bit.ly/13SdPWA

For entry form mail sixsigmashortfilms@gmail.com

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